DDC is an expert hardware and software consultant, providing distinguished services for leading technology companies. We offer craftsman design services for board, chip and software design, intellectual property development and prototype/production.

You can leverage DDC’s extensive IP inventory, their expertise and also their VAADR® recorder and network appliance lines to facilitate and expedite your project. Our mission at DDC is to solve customer design and application needs in the area of video and image processing, recording and transport. Check out our broad array of services here.

Video & Image Processing

DDC offers products and services to process video and image files to achieve the customer’s desired results. View examples of our before and after images below to see some of the amazing effects that DDC can achieve with your files.

System Architecture/Algorithm Development

Algorithm development & assessment for advanced video and image processing is at the core of DDC’s technical expertise. We can assess your algorithm and provide an evaluation and recommendation, or we will develop a custom algorithm for your application.

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Design & Implementation

DDC has extensive experience in Chip, PC Board, Software and System Design.

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Prototype & Production

When DDC’s unparalleled expertise in chip, board and software design is combined with our equally competent process manufacturing skills, we can bring your product concept to prototype and full scale production. The DDC team has become expert at translating design requirements into working, effective products. Our extensive testing will allow us to identify any irregularities in the process and ensure a smooth manufacturing flow.

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