Algorithm definition, development & assessment for advanced image processing applications is at the core of DDC’s technical digital and video expertise, especially in video imaging system architecture. We can assess your algorithm and provide evaluation, testing/characterization, and recommendations; or we can develop a custom video processing algorithm for your application or provide one of our own.

Our extensive IP library demonstrates DDC’s superior credentials in image processing and includes image transport custom algorithm, custom video processing algorithm, camera and video interfaces, image processing algorithm testing, communications and peripherals. Customers leverage this vast resource to help them reduce costs or time-to-market for embedded system architecture.

Our customers often combine our IP with our System Architecture and Design Services to obtain an embedded solution that meets their tough or cutting edge requirements. Our IP works with a wide variety of processors, standard bus interfaces, base technologies, and more. They are supported on a wide variety of hardware-acceleration platforms, which typically include Altera, Xilinx, and Microsemi FPGAs, and a wide variety of CPUs/DSPs. These blocks can provide advanced functionality to differentiate your product.

The IP tends to be highly optimized, well-engineered and field-proven. Our experts can also help integrate the IP, and develop the surrounding electronics and gaskets, as needed. DDC can also provide field-proven circuit boards and systems and/or develop custom boards or systems to enable your turn-key application.

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