DDC has extensive experience in Chip, PC Board, Software and System Design.

Chip Design

DDC has extensive experience designing complex systems and chips. We are world-class experts on all main technologies including, FPGA, ASIC, and SoC. DDC uses modern techniques and technologies to achieve the highest performance and quality, while completing very complex designs or very tight low power small-footprint designs.

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PC Board Design

DDC has designed countless printed circuit boards (PCBs), ranging in complexity from 28 layer large extremely complex circuit cards employing large numbers of multi-gigabit links with the highest level of performance, to very small highly dense powerful, portable computing platforms for sophisticated video/image processing and communications in low power environments.

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Software Design

DDC has a breadth of software development talent and experience, notably in embedded controls, RTOS, application development, drivers, networking, and DSP. And with operating systems like Windows, Linux, VxWorks, bare metal, and many other RTOS kernels.

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System Design

The expert DDC staff will take your concept, ideas, or requirements; from design to production, and deliver on all of the steps in between. This begins with requirements and architecture, and includes the complete design and simulation process, utilizing a wide breadth of experience and know-how to facilitate a smartly designed product that designed for production or experimentation/research, as the case may be.

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Prototype & Production Services

When DDC’s chip, board and software design is combined with our equally competent process and manufacturing skills, we can bring your product concept to prototype and full scale production. The DDC team is expert at translating design requirements into working, effective products, with extensive testing and experience allowing us to identify any irregularities in the process and ensure a smooth manufacturing flow. DDC has a full staff for operations, procurement, testing, and certifications. DDC has complete process flows and tracking systems and is ISO-9000 certified.

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