In the bridge image to the right, the image shown on the left side displays an 8 bit image as it would typically be produced – using color histogram equalization. This global equalization process puts too much of the image into “under-saturated” values, wasting valuable information. The “after” image on the right side shows how optimizing each pixel – a computer intensive process that DDC makes available in hardware for full-frame-rate live detail extraction – can greatly enhance situational awareness.

Use one of DDC's COTS (current-off-the-shelf) platforms for digital image enhancement and restoration, including recording, or let us develop a custom platform for you.

LAP Video Processing Core Datasheet

DDC has very deep digital image enhancement experience, and works the gamut from sensor to display. We specialize in real-time detail extraction, image stabilization, image enhancement and restoration, image contrast enhancement, fusion, tracking, analytics, graphics, and others, in embedded live settings. Our unique digital image enhancement capabilities and years of experience have allowed us to provide solutions to customers for a variety of applications:

Air-to-Ground Imaging • Vehicular image and recording • Man-portable Imaging • High Dynamic Range Imaging • Military Imaging • Medical Imaging • Industrial Imaging

VAADR® Digital Image Enhancement Recorder

  • Record to dual removable SD cards (8GB-512GB+), raw
  • Circuit-board-only can mount into your custom chassis or used on lab bench
  • Image stabilization
  • LAP/AGC (local area processing) detail extraction
  • Sharpening
  • Custom digital camera interface
  • Analog video in and out
  • Low power, small SWaP (Size, Weight, and Power)
  • VAADR® Control Console (for lab use, testing, debug)
  • VAADR® debriefing software (VAADRView), providing instant access to the recorded video (from the VAADR or from a PC), with extensive image enhancement and data visualization capabilities
VAADR N-EX Datasheet


DDC Image Processing Hardware