Digital Design Products & Services For Many Industries & Applications

DDC is a Video & Imaging Processing and Networking Systems specialist with deep experience in providing solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. The following industries represent the majority of our experience, product development and solutions. However, DDC has experience in many other industries and applications, and is ready to discuss your unique application challenges.


Fighter Jets • Helicopters • UAVs • Ground Vehicles • Man-Portable • Naval • Space
DDC has researched, architected, then developed, implemented, and tested the hardware and software, for all video/image processing elements between several different CCD and FLIRs, to the display, at frame rates of 60fps and beyond and resolutions up to 1920 and beyond. These field-deployed products were created using chips (SoCs, FPGAs, ASICs) DDC created from scratch, using DDC existing processing boards or custom-developed boards, DDC intellectual property, and custom software.


Extensive IP & Experience in automotive and ADAS
DDC has a wide breadth of automotive electronics experience specializing in video and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) applications and has significant experience in designing, simulating, supporting, and field testing of automotive electronics in general. We are familiar with and have substantially experience with the vehicle simulators commonly used for validation, and have developed ASICs, FPGAs, and prototype boards for various applications including control, video/imaging, networking/AVB and ADAS.

Industrial Equipment

Experience with Many Different Industrial Applications
DDC works on a variety of industrial applications – including instrument design and control, industrial imaging, test equipment, machine vision, remote monitoring, etc. In these engagements, DDC works with clients to develop a solution that meets their unique needs, often under demanding environmental conditions.

Image Enhancement CapabilitiesGeneral DDC Capabilities


CT • MRI • PET • Monitoring Equipment • Image Processing • Transport
DDC has developed countless FPGAs, SoCs and boards for medical imaging applications. DDC understands the rigors of medical system and instrumentation design, and has robust design, simulation, and test practices to facilitate high quality products.

Med/Bio-Med Capabilities

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