DDC's developing and selling video/data recorders for automotive applications, comes from DDC's extensive automotive electronics experience, and the realization that this product was needed for our own and our customer's work. We specialize in video interfacing/enhancement, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) applications and have significant experience in designing, simulating, supporting, and field testing of automotive electronics in general. These lead to a deep understanding and use of CAN2.0 metadata used on vehicles, and ultimately to the development of our own compliant CAN2.0 core used in our recorders, where we synchronize CAN2.0 with the video recorded. Even providing the ability to play video and synchronzied CAN2.0 into the system later, as if it was happening live. In addition to selling recorders, we have developed ASICs, FPGAs, and prototype boards for various video, networking/AVB, and control applications.

DDC’s automotive expertise stems from our broad experience in automotive controls, circuits and software. We have implemented a number of vision/ADAS, engine, transmission, navigation,  and other systems, and in many cases have solved similar problems for customers by varying the technologies, algorithms or mechanisms we use to suit their exact requirements. DDC has built a substantial infrastructure of tools, considerable Intellectual Property, imaging experience and talent in ADAS/Automotive that can be leveraged to your benefit. The recorders are often instrumental in characterizing sensors, and field conditions.
Use our recorder to test your ideas. Or, use DDC to do that. DDC’s IP cores tightly couple into SOC (System On a Chip) implementations, which allow for very small packaging, low cost, and a design that minimizes obsolescence issues. Let us use our recorder or a derivation to develop your algorithms or systems. DDC has many years of experience serving the needs of the automotive industry, and has developed a suite of tools, circuits, software, and recorders that are finely tuned for optimal performance and efficient implementation. Our team can rapidly assemble complex systems, architect and design at a level that thoroughly understands the requirements, and provides a solution that meets the objectives.

VAADR® Automotive & ADAS Applications:

  • Record synchronized CAN2.0 filtering and recording
  • Easily record your Aptina and Omnivision sensors
  • 2-channels of raw high bandwidth Bayer recording
  • Includes 2 750GB spinning drives, or 2 500GB SSD drives (other drives available)
  • Video In and Video Out (for later mimicking a live setting)
  • Control with VAADR Control Console
  • Look at the video with the blazing-fast VAADRView or your own or other 3rd party applications
  • Record other synchornized GPS and metadata for visual position in real-time playback over Google Maps, Google Earth, or NASA Worldwind (requires VAADRView